This blog is about entertainment. Specifically, it is about fictional entertainment. I love fiction. As a writer, I prefer fiction to real life. Though fiction comes to us in may ways, the ways in which I mostly seek it are by reading novels and short stories and by watching movies and television series. I imagine that, in vary degrees, those are also your chosen vices. Why else read this blog?

I began this blog in September 2011. That month, I posted only one blog post, a review of A Yellow Raft in Blue Water by Michael Dorris. In those days, I didn’t make big plans for this blog. My postings were haphazard. Though I wrote and published five book reviews in October 2011, for four years one, two, or three blog posts a month defined this website. Several months, I wrote nothing. It wasn’t until 2015 that I realized that this blog will be a permanent fixture in my life, and as such, I should apply more professional standards and behaviors to it.

It is time to write a mission statement. What do I want to achieve by writing this blog? What do I want you to gain from reading it? I have both a private and a public agenda in keeping this blog. By writing about the stories I read and watch, I increase my own understanding to them. With that understanding, I hope to become a better writer. That is my private agenda. The public agenda? That’s my mission statement:

I will publish fun, entertaining, and educational articles about novels, short stories, movies, and television series with the purposes of helping you make decisions about what to read and watch, of increasing your knowledge of literature and storytelling, and of encouraging you to dig deeper into the fiction you enjoy and to perform your own analysis of it.


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